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Unique routes in smoothly and formed paths…

Horse riding in Tsagarada Pelion In Tsagarada horses are waiting on a small farm among the olive groves, lemon and orange trees, near the sea, just five minutes from the main square. Beautiful, clean and tidy await guests at any time of the year.

The owner is a native of the region and therefore knows all the trails and paths for both traditional routes to the sea, and those towards the mountain.

Everyone is ready for departingThe riders will be impressed by the beauty of the area, passed between olive and orange groves and streams, will visit the hilly areas of Pelion to admire the view over the Aegean Sea, and run with their horses by the sea, the beautiful beaches.

The owner of the horses in Tsagarada Pelion Route...
The available options are numerous, since areas of Pelion offered for both thrilling rides and more relaxed for those who just want to enjoy a peaceful trip.
With the certainty required, make a start riding with your friends or take a romantic way to beautiful places in Pelion.
Slowly and always accompanied by the owner, we are taking the «secret paths» heading to the top of the mountain having as final destination water sources of the village very close to Athonas Hill and the church located there surrounded by beech trees.

Old arched bridge, memories of an earlier era in TsagaradaWe are taking the path, which literally climbs to the mountain and we feel like our breath is cut! Horses walk slowly and steadily, indeed they have done the route many times.
We arrive at a clearing, a few minutes stop to gaze at the view. The atmosphere is crystal clear, no clouds on the horizon, the breeze yesterday helped in this.
At our feet extend the Aegean Sea and if we take a closer look we can see the island of Skiathos and next to it Skopelos island. A little more to the left we can also see the «first leg» of Chalkidiki.
Even though the view is breathtaking, we have nothing to worry about, we feel secure enough. After all the horse is very friendly and calm!

Horse riding helps you to get closer to nature and experience the beauty of this impressive and original way. If you are more adventurous choose one rough area to ride and is certainly sure to be an exciting experience.

Traditional kalnterimia are part of the journey in Tsagarade Duration...
The riding tours lasting from one to three hours depending on the pace of riders and conditions of weather and soil.
During the summer, tours are organized to the sea early in the morning or late in the afternoon because of the heat, which makes it difficult for the rider as well as the horse.
The riding tours made to the mountain do not have heat problem though, however a jacket would be useful just in case. We must not forget that the rays of the sun do not pass under the dense foliage of beech trees.

Equipment - Dressing code...
On riding tours saddles primarily used, but for beginners there are mounting saddles available. The dressing of riders should be comfortable enough. For this reason we advise our riders to wear pants and shoes with small heels.

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  • George Rigakis
  • Mobile: 6937511551

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