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The backbone of Pelion…

How to get to Tsagarada in Pelion Setting Volos as a starting point, there are two routes to get to Tsagarada.

Both routes have more-or-less the same length but the mountain one has more bends, therefore requires extra 15 minutes of time.

The first (coastal) route is as follows: We are taking the coastal road towards Agria, Lechonia, Kato Gatzea, Kala Nera. Up until Agria you drive in parallel to the sea and to the railway lines, the historical train of Pelion called «Moutzouris». Just before leaving Agria, you will see on your left the train station of Agria, which has recently been rebuilt.

Carrying on your journey, you are passing by Kato Lechonia and arriving at Ano Lechonia. At this village there is also a train station, which is the starting point for «Moutzouris» on the way to Milies. Train station is on your left, close to the village’s main square. While driving, you will be able to see that parts of the main road have been built on top of railway lines.

You are leaving Ano Lechonia, after a short drive you reach Malaki. You now have Pagasitikos Gulf on your right, up until Kala Nera.

Shortly after Kala Nera you come to a junction where you have to turn left and follow the signs for Milies – Tsagarada. If you wish not to turn left, but continue straight on, there is no need to worry. Both routes meet up further up in the mountain at a place called «Choreftra».

Keep on driving towards Milies for about 5 km until you reach the junction for the train station, followed by the one for Milies village. You then carry on driving straight on for 5 more km until you reach «Choreftra» junction, where you turn left.

From this point on, the road becomes a bit steep and you may have to slow down, but have almost reached your destination, you are only 16 km away.

At all main junctions signs are available, which you will find very helpful. The distance of the route is 47 km and it will take you approximately one (1) hour.

Summarized table
km Location Description Duration
- Volos Volos city center -
2 Anavros Exiting city of Volos 4 minutes
7 Agria Train station is on your left hand side 11 minutes
10 Kato Lechonia Straight on the main road 15 minutes
11 Ano Lechonia Train station is on your left hand side 17 minutes
14 Malaki Continue along the coast 19 minutes
16 Kato Gatzea Straight on the main road 22 minutes
19 Kala Nera Straight on the main road 25 minutes
21 Milies junction Turn left towards Milies 27 minutes
26 Milies Straight on the main road 37 minutes
31 Choreftra Turn left towards Tsagarada 42 minutes
42 Xourichti Straight on the main road 57 minutes
47 Tsagarada Arriving at Tsagaradas' main square 63 minutes


The second (mountain) route is as follows: From Volos city center follow the signs to Portaria, Makrinitsa, Chania. Heading up, to the top of the mountain, you are passing by Ano Volos, Katichori, Portaria until you arrive in Chania.

During the entire route what really impresses, is the wonderful view to Pagasitikos Gulf and dense vegetation from Portaria to Chania. Shortly before arriving in Chania you will find a parking space from which you can admire the view to the city of Volos.

Approximately 500 meters after leaving Chania, you have to turn right towards Chania Skiing Center (signs available). After 600 meters you come to a junction, in which you turn left. From this point onwards you start going downhill, until you reach the village of Kissos.

Once again, you will be impressed by the dense vegetation all along the route. At the bigging you will meet perennial beeches and as you reach Kissos chestnut and apple trees make their appearance.

Arriving at the main junction in Kissos, if you turn left the road leads to Agios Dimitrios, Anilio, Makrirachi and Zagora. You need to turn right towards Mouresi and your final destination, Tsagarada (9 km).

At all main junctions signs are available, which you will find very helpful. The distance of the route is 51 km and it will take you approximately one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes.

Note: During the winter months, providing that the skiing center is in operation, the road from Chania to Kissos is closed (part of the road passes through the circuit) and you should continue to Zagora, Makrirachi, Anilio, Agios Dimitrios until you reach the main junction in Kissos In this case you will have to drive 15 additional km (approximately 25 minutes).

Coastal Route Map

Mountain Route Map