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When «marriage» of the mountain to the sea becomes feasible…

Summer in Tsagarada Pelion During the summer, our village is transformed into the ultimate summer resort. This is because Tsagarada with beautiful beaches such as Milopotamos and Fakistra, combined with the brilliant Greek sun and the magic of nature, creates a unique combination that is absolutely sure it will amaze you.

Over the three summer months a carefree feeling lingering in the air. The beauty of Tsagarada is even more impressive, as the bright rays of the Greek dazzling sun highlight in a unique way the already magnificent scenery.

In Tsagarada, nature seems to be experiencing the most active period in the summer. The vegetation is lush and the landscape looks heavenly, especially in areas along the coastline. High in the mountain, landscape remains equally beautiful, with beech, chestnut and plane trees dominate the area. What strikes the eye is the really big temperature difference that exists in the center of the village (540 meters altitude) to the point of Athonas Hill (820 meters altitude).

From the end of summer a lot of agricultural activities are taking place. Preparing the trees for the subsequent harvest of chestnuts, apples and olives later on. The few people who are engaged with vines, they are also getting ready and dedicate their time to the wine production.

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