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The meeting point for athletes worldwide…

Annual festival of mountaineering and marine sports in Tsagarada The annual festival of mountaineering and marine sports of Tsagarada is an event that was created to promote Tsagarada as an ideal place for the development of alternative forms of tourism.

The idea of combining a number of alternative forms of tourism in a five-day event full of action and adventure, was driven by the new concept of tourism, where protection of the environment, landscapes, cultural heritage and all natural resources are considered very important.

The 1st Festival (5 June – 9 June 2013) was organised by the Tourism and Development Association of Tsagarada, upon support of the Region of Thessaly, the Municipality Zagora - Mouresi, the Chamber of Magnesia, Magnesia Hotel Association and the Association of Catering and Entertainment of Magnesia.

After the admittedly successful first edition of the festival, which laid the foundation for an event with a focus on outdoor activities, we are pleased to announce the follow-up.

The 2nd Festival took place in our beloved village within Thursday the 26th to Sunday the 29th of June 2014, by the Tourism and Development Association of Tsagarada.

…to be continued

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