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Four Seasons, but countless beauties…

Any season in Tsagarada is unique Every season has its own unique beauty, intertwined with the beauty, tradition and magic images of Pelion. Holidays in Tsagarada in a peaceful and friendly place. A place blessed, sculpted from air, light and stone with magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.

Once your look stands in the wonderful landscape of Tsagarada, you will immediately become witnesses of how the brilliant splendor of nature blessed this tiny piece of land, making it an irresistible lure beyond the borders.

Our place seems to have received a divine touch, bursting with countless breathtaking beauties, which are equally divided throughout the unique land, creating a flawless image of unrivaled excellence that is absolutely sure will fascinate you.

In addition, the continuous rotation of the imaginary scene, due to the multidimensional landscape morphology, will surely irritate your interest.

The incredible natural beauty of the exquisite landscape of Pelion during each separate season, acquires a completely separate profile and a completely different character that touches every time a different feeling, a different mood, a different desire, a different need.

The romantic nature of autumn, the melancholic tones of winter, refreshing character of spring and the carefree feeling of summer, strongly reflected in the spectacular natural landscape of wonderful our country, which is an ideal holiday resort throughout the year.

It is unquestioned assumption that the dominant seasonal supremacy of Pelion and Tsagarada in particular will captivate you.

Visit Tsagarada. You will be impressed ...!

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