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Last chance before nature is left «naked»…

Autumn in Tsagarada Pelion Every season in Tsagarada has its own grace, beauty, meaning and value in life cycle. An unstoppable cycle of life that is configured with masterful way that one era follows the other.

Autumn, a nostalgic beauty accompanies our wanderings deep in the forest with the plane trees, chestnut and beech. The colors, the gradual shades of foliage, fruits of summer that is shrinking The vividness of the orange-brown or reddish hues stimulate other feelings and thoughts as you face this beautiful autumnal landscape.

In autumn after the first rain falls, suddenly nature seems to wake up and in a few days everything has greened again. In autumn wildflowers appear in the countryside, the dust of summer is flushed and Tsagarada’s heart beats originally in chestnut forest and then in the olive groves.

From mid-September to the end of October, the main activity is harvesting of chestnut, which grows in this fertile land.

In late fall and during the winter is the time for olives. An activity that involves most of the inhabitants of Tsagarada, farmers or non-farmers. Most of them produce olive oil, enough for the needs of their family, while many others make extra income by selling the oil they produce.

The rustling of the trees changes; becomes more dry. The sound of plane trees, chestnut and beech trees changing like autumn rain, the wind causes the leaves to expel the branches of trees, floating in limbo until they reach the ground and touch the roots.

A tan carpet is laid in wet, muddy ground, waiting patiently until the snow covers it and turns it into humus and absorbed by the earth.

The snapping sound of fallen leaves a sound that travels back many years in the past, then in our childhood, when we were playing happily in the yard of the first school in a village of Pelion or other place of origin.

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