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The season that rehearses the flourishing appearance…

Spring in Tsagarada PelionSpring season in Tsagarada is the most favorite time of the year because the temperature, climate and seasonal phenomena are in perfect balance offering great weather conditions.

Apart from the weather, another feature that is considered the leading virtue of the spring season is the fact that during these months a deep rebirth of nature is taking place.

The cool season of spring adorns the fertile soil of our region with a composition of natural beauty that will take your breath away. The rich vegetation of lush forests and green slopes, the flowery gardens and blooming parks, and fertile farmland; compose an amalgam of multifarious colors and emit fragrances of the revitalized landscape, as tinges of golden sun will dazzle your eyes.

Undeniably, during spring season, the alluring landscape of the entire Pelion is decorated in a unique way as the earth looks like it is covered with a colorful veil and a refreshing scent. However, spring is not only a refreshing time for nature but for ourselves too.

As you become witness of the nature’s rebirth, you will immediately feel an inner change that will definitely charm you. Wandering in different charming points of Tsagarada you will find countless landscapes absolute beauty, scattered from the top of the mountain to the coast and the sea.

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