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3rd Festival of mountaineering and marine sports in Tsagarada 2015 The 3rd festival of mountaineering and marine sports of Tsagarada took place within Thursday the 2th to Sunday the 5th of July 2015, by the Tourism and Development Association of Tsagarada.

During the four-day event 9 outdoor activities were available, such as:

  • canyoning
  • climbing
  • mountain biking
  • canoe kayak (sea kayaking)
  • flying fox (120m)
  • horse ridding
  • archery
  • trekking
  • coasteering
  • mountain running (7km)

All outdoor activities were designed and executed by specialised high-level trainers and instructors, such as: Nikos Magitsis (climbing, mountain running), Anastasios Apokremiotis (canyoning), Alexandros Petroutsos (mountain biking), Miltos Rigopoulos (archery), Thanos Nikakis (canoe kayak).

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