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Snow removes the gray and provides us with pure white…

Winter in Tsagarada Pelion In Tsagarada, during the winter, diverse weather, low temperatures and seasonal climate, affect the environment, creating at the same time, an atmosphere of melancholy. Heavy rainfall of short duration combined with hail and several times snow, are key features of the era.

In the heart of winter, the emergence of polymorphic figure landscape undergoes a visible change. Especially in the higher parts of the village, the peaks are white washed due to continuous snowfall, while sometimes the streams (several in the area) freeze, resembling crystal mirrors. On days that there is no sunshine, it's worth noticing that the sun reflects either the snow or in the places no ice.

In the lower parts of the village, near the sea, the winds varied playing hide and seek, while the turbulent sea and the waves crashing on the shore, creating a fascinating landscape.

During the winter, the darker sky, gray clouds, severe weather and refreshing cold sometimes make traveling around the area impossible, even leaving the house.

Most distinctive time was the one back in the distant 1987 where snow fell for about 30 days, so the amount of snow in the central district of Agia Paraskevi reached 2 (two) meters. It was that much the amount of snow that in several houses the output was from the second floor…

Winter is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the warmth of your home, to gather around the fireplace or sit comfortably in front of your window and gaze unrivaled views that create weatherproof winter. A sweet sense of melancholy hangs in the air.

For winter activities lovers Pelion (Chania) skiing center is very close to our village (about 30 minutes), which will empower you to take advantage of the natural gift of the region.

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