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Traditional and authentic flavors all year round…

Flavours of Tsagarada made of traditional products In this section you will find numerous diachronic traditional Pelion recipes that highlight the unique flavors of Pelion, the materials and the way they are cooked and served in several villages in Pelion Mountain.

Pelion cuisine is mainly based on fresh ingredients and less on complex techniques. There is only one word sufficient to describe the overall architecture of cookware: simplicity.
Major components are the various spices and herbs that grow on the Mountain of the Centaurs, the excellent quality mushrooms and of course the virgin olive oil. There are of course «hidden» flavours such as wild pig, in many variations.
Among the most famous dishes is of course the «spenzofai», whose main ingredient is the local sausage. For more «insiders», the sausage must be quite spicy and accompanied by plenty of red local wine.

In Tsagarada, the cuisine is evolving within the framework of the traditional Mediterranean diet, since the predominant role consisting of pure and traditional products of Pelion land.
Cases of creative cuisine are not very common, without bothering at all, since everything arrive on the plate, is pure, fresh and well cooked.

Housewives create with few but strong materials and original combinations, minimalist recipes that many of them are masterpieces of taste.
For instance, wild greens apart from boiled as a salad, are the basic materials for various pies whereas vegetables when mixed with porridge and various herbs can create several kind of «balls».

As always, a good meal should be accompanied by the appropriate dessert, what could it be more authentic than a sweet made with the simple traditional way. The kind of sweet changes depending on the season you visit Tsagarada. From the simplest (apple, cherry, fig, grape, etc.) to those that require special attention and treatment (blackberry, watermelon, quince, chestnut, etc.), the quality remains the same.

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